Katherine Brown

Hi there!

I’m a Masters graduate in International Development from Sciences Po, currently working as Project Manager at the LearningPlanet Alliance, a product of an Alliance between UNESCO and the Learning Planet Institute.

In my current role, I manage the Ubuntu Learning Circle, a collection of like-minded organisations united in their pursuit of African-led solutions to African issues, honouring indigenous knowledge and wisdom. Member organisations of the Circle are affiliated with the LearningPlanet Alliance or our partner in this project, the Club of Rome.

I’m passionate about research and advocacy in the areas of socio-economic development, inequality, and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people. I come from a long line of activists (all the way back to my great-grandmother!) who protested against the injustice of apartheid over 60 cumulative years. Growing up hearing my family’s stories gave me a profound appreciation for social justice. I gravitate towards this field consciously, through my experience and political convictions, and unconsciously, through my heritage. Although apartheid ended the year before I was born, discriminatory vestiges of this regime permeate through its descendants and after-effects. Growing up in this politically tense period, I have listened, and finally contributed, to an evolving conversation about the need for tangible transformation through truly global development.

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I have enjoyed an enriching education from two top-rated institutions in their fields of expertise.

Sciences Po
Master's degree, International Development
University of Cape Town
Honours degree, Social Science in Justice & Transformation
With distinction
University of Cape Town
Bachelor's degree, Arts in International Relations, Psychology and French Literature
With distinction in French Literature


I have a wealth of experience as a researcher and analyst in the NGO space. I have excelled professionally, both in English and in French environments.

LearningPlanet Alliance
Junior Project Manager
Sept 2022 - Present
Oxfam South Africa
Research consultant
Mar 2021 - Jun 2022
Paris Peace Forum
Chargée du Programme des Bénévoles
Volunteer Programme Officer
Sep - Dec 2021
Foundation for Human Rights
Research consultant, following a role as Junior Researcher and an Internship
Sept 2019 – Present
RAITH Foundation
Data Analysis Consultant
Nov 2019 - Dec 2020
South African Institute for Race Relations
& Centre for Risk Analysis

Research Intern
Feb - Jul 2019


I have also given back through my time at Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator
Jul - Aug 2017